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Note to self, I miss you terribly.

Name- Elizabeth
Age- seventeen.
Sex- female.
Political/social affiliations- independant.

Bands-American Football,Spill Canvas,Daphne Loves Derby,Matchbook Romance,From First to Last,Pretty Girls Make Graves,My Ruin,Silverstein,Green Day,Veruca Salt,Walls of Jericho,Waking Ashland,This Day and get the idea.
Albums- A Walk to Remember soundtrack,From First to Last x Dear Diary My Teen Angst Has a Body Count,and Green Day x Nimrods
Songs- way too many but here are my current favorites:
Something Corporate x This Broken Heart
Spill Canvas x Under the Covers
Devotckhas x Live Fast,Die Young
Sum 41 x Some Say
Books- The Face on the Milk Carton x Caroline B. Cooney,Wasteland x Francesca Lia Block,Keeping the Moon x Sarah Dessen,Rainbow Boys x Alex Sanchez,and Violet and Claire x Francesca Lia Block
Movies- The Breakfast Club,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,The Virgin Suicides,Heathers,Mean Girls,A Walk to Remember,Titanic,Donnie Darko,Girl Interupted,Fight Club,SLC Punk,Pretty in Pink,Ferris Bueller's Day Off,National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation,Butterfly Effect,Seabiscuit,and so many more..big movie junkie.
Art Form-well..if you asking art as in "the arts" i say music..but actual art form im saying abstract or surreal.
City- London.

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Drugs- don't do them myself. It is the person's choice whether to choose to do them. If you do, you could fuck up your life severly.

Alcohol- It's good. I am strongly against drunk driving because i knew someone who i was close to,who was almost killed due to a drunk driver. As long as you're responsible(even if drinking illegally) i don't care.

Premarital Sex- It's up to you. If both parties consent to it, both understand the consquences, and are mature enough to understand the emotions involved..then sure.

George W. Bush- I'm kinda neutral. With this past election, i got so frustrated of all the students in my classes be outspoken about how Bush sucks and Kerry rules, when they are merely 16 and 17 year olds. It was such a heated debate Kerry vs Bush. In my opinion they both are idiots. Then you get the students who are like "GO NADAR" its like wake up and smell the roses,he's not going to win. I say Bush only stayed in office,because he knows the ins and outs of the war,since he started it ,he should finished it. I am not supported of his abortion or gay marriage opinions. I do say his choice in Condaliza Rice as the Secretary of State was respectable.

Government in general- I think its corrupted. Every type of gov't that has ever been,is instilled now,and even thought up ones(aka anarchy). No one lives in a we have to deal with it somehow. I am thankful we have a democracy,and have more freedoms then those in Cuba or North Korea. However i think the people need more say on issues. I feel very storng on pro-gay marriage,pro-choice,and the environment. Many leaders think negatively about those topics. Even though the US is a gov't where state and church is separated,it really isn't. There will always be bias.

Homosexuality- i am for it. i don't need to go into my past about it. But i have friends who are gay,bi,lesbian..whatever. They are happy and i have no other feelings for them,than happiness. Everybody should experience falling in love,it's human nature. So what if it's with someone of the same sex,let it be. Love is love,period.
Religion- I'm not part of an organized religion. I don't like organized religion. I think people should develop thier own sense of spirtuality. I respect people's beliefs,and as long as no one tries to enforce their beliefs on me..i'm good.

Labels or stereotypes- I hate them. I don't know how else to say this. Being heavy all my life,i've been picked on for my size and never once do people get to know the real me. I know lots of blonde people who are smart and in honors. It's just a bunch of bull crap developed by those people who are close-minded and afraid of the unknown. A person should be judge by their own actions and personality..not a stereotype.

Love- It's something that's really unexplainable. However, what pisses me off is how people throw around "i love you" like it's "hello".

Animal rights- I believe animals are human's companion. They are your friend,treat them like you would treat your best friend. They deserve love and everything else.

Linkin Park- Chester is annoying looking and he raps. However i must contradict myself and say some of their old stuff is good.

Word Association
Hammock- restful.
Potato- mashed potatoes and potato it.
Noodle- ramen noodles..yummy.
Chaos- street punk.
Oi- the cockney rejects.
Gatherer- worship.
Black- Black Beauty the horse.
Glass- a drink.

Music Knowledge
Name one emo band- American Football.
Name one punk band- The Ramones.
Name one hardcore band- Circle Jerks.
What is "EBHC" short for?- every boy has crabs.
In your opinion, what was the most influential song ever written, and why?- the song from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind..Beck "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" the lyrics are true..heartbreak is something everyone learns sooner or later.

Write an impromptu angsty poem. Bonus points if you make either of the mods laugh. But no more than six sentances, because no one gives a fuck anyway.-
being a girl sucks so much. i hate having a period. my parents put too my pressure on me to succed..yeah i suck.
Where did you hear about this community?- i searched for it.
Explain your username- its a lacuna coil song "Heaven's a Lie"
Final thoughts- pick me!

the best friends!

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