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Drop Dead

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[08 Nov 2005|12:16pm]

Please Read Below. It is an awesome community that you need to experiance to believe!

Okay. I don't see the fun in communities where you build up points...for what? Just to get some virtual position of "member of the month" or "co-mod". If I'm gonna be in a community, why
not get real life prizes or an upgraded journal? Well, this new fantastic community, theflamingo_, offers everything a regular rating community does, with bonus prizes! We give away gift cards to
the leading stores such as Pacific Sunwear, Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, and even Hot Topic. For those who want music, we give CDs and gift cards from Specs, Sam Goody, and FYE!
Even those movie junkies get some fun with our DVD series such as the OC and Family Guy which are given away. Want an upgraded Livejournal for a month or even a YEAR? When you win Member of the Month
we GIVE you something, a paid livejournal. When you join you are automatically entered into our raffles for giftcards and prizes! We have tons of activities to help you gain points. What to do with these points? You
can get custom layouts, icons, graphics, or how about a paid domain name? Maybe a ITunes giftcard? Here at theflamingo_ we rate, have fun, give prizes. We have activities to suit anyone too. Artist? We got a logo drawing contest.
Movie junkie? Try tagline trivia. We have Caption Contests, Treasure Hunts, our own GAMBLE game which you need to read in the community (A ONE OF A KIND THOUGHT UP CONTEST ONLY FOUND HERE). I think I've done enough convicing huh?
You need to get down there and check it out. We're pimpin the pink down at theflamingo_. It's exclusive and only the best get in. Grand Opening.

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[23 Jul 2005|08:54pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[21 May 2005|11:52pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.comJOIN ______risque
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[30 Jan 2005|04:35pm]

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STAMPED [13 Sep 2004|09:02pm]

Sorry everyone, I'm leaving the community. It's just too inactive.
Good luck.
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... stamped and cross posted ... [26 Aug 2004|02:26pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I've not made a picture post in ages, so here are a few photos!
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stamped and cross posted [02 Aug 2004|09:31am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hmm. I think I'm posting too much lately!
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Newbie. [25 Jul 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | curious ]

The way i amCollapse )

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... stamped and cross posted ... [25 Jul 2004|01:28pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Here's some photos I took today!

everything will work outCollapse )

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... stamped and cross posted ... [11 Jul 2004|12:23pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Since I got my new camera I can't stop taking photos! I need a picture of me with black hair to go on my userinfo, so which is best?

feelings that I can't disguiseCollapse )

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.. Stamped and Cross Posted ... [05 Jul 2004|11:37pm]

Well, my friend came over and dyed my hair. It's a bit... messed up, as in, there are non dyed bits, but it's alright. It needs done again.

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... safe is just a state of mind ... [01 Jul 2004|11:41pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I thought I'd use my webcam to take some pictures seeing as I don't use it much and also because my digi cam is still fucked. Which ones are best?
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[28 Jun 2004|10:43pm]

im going on vacation in europe im done tata all
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... Stamped ... [21 Jun 2004|03:17pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]


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[16 Jun 2004|02:04am]


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[11 Jun 2004|01:32pm]


anyone home?
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stamped [04 Jun 2004|05:17pm]

join fuckingxcute_
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[05 Apr 2004|10:20pm]


join join
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[02 Jun 2004|03:05pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

im out.
this community is basically, well, nonexistant.
it's been real.

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... Stamped and Cross Posted ... [02 Jun 2004|11:01am]

[ mood | happy ]

I got bored, so I took pictures. Plus I wanted to show off my new sunglasses, lol.
like that time you went back in time...Collapse )

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